enablinginsights joins as Strategic Advisor to The Gates Foundation

Announcing today Adam Black joins as Strategic Advisor to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

We’re delighted to announce that Dr. Adam Black joins as a Strategic Advisor to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to advise on developing next-generation courseware and instructor support for higher education.

What is the initiative?

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has a mission to help everyone from any background to succeed in post-secondary education. It seeks to achieve this by sponsoring the development of next-generation courseware that leverages emerging technology, learning science, and data to scale evidence-based, equity-driven teaching practices and drive a step-change in student outcomes in gateway courses in colleges and universities.

What is the role of enablinginsights?

Adam Black of enablinginsights joins as Strategic Advisor to The Gates Foundation to advise on strategy, design, research, and scaling of edtech having pioneered the use of user-centered, learning-science, and data-driven design of courseware used by more than 45 million learners in post-secondary education alone.

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