enablinginsights joins Advisory Board for New America-SHEEO

Announcing today that Adam Black joins the Advisory Board of New America and SHEEO developing policies to ensure the success of postsecondary students taught online through and after COVID-19

We’re delighted to announce that Adam Black joins the Advisory Board for New America and State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO) to advise on better online teaching and learning policies through and post COVID-19.

What is the initiative?

Sponsored by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Ascendium Education Group, New America and SHEEO are evaluating promising research, best practices, enabling pedagogies, and innovative technologies that promote better equity, access, quality, and success for higher-education students being taught online through and post COVID-19. The project will guide US federal, state, and institutional policymakers on how to ensure that equity and consumer protection are front and center and that policies support access to affordable, high-quality digital learning.

What is the role of enablinginsights?

Adam Black joins the Advisory Board for New America and SHEEO to advise on online learning (technologies, learning science, and use of data), along with Barbara Means (Digital Promise), Laura Niesen de Abruna (Association of Chief Academic Officers), and Deb Adair (Quality Matters).

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