enablinginsights to keynote at ELT Young Learners’ summit

enablinginsights will present how edtech can evolve to give teachers more actionable insights

We’re delighted that Adam Black of enablinginsights will present alongside Dr. Katarina Gospic and Carl Wantennar at the Young Learners’ Summit hosted by Studycat on Aug 19, 2020.

What is the summit for?

The summit will gather forward-looking teachers, academic managers, and school owners to explore emerging opportunities through Covid-19 for how to improve the engagement and success of young learners. Click here to register.

Who is Studycat?

Studycat is a company delivering award-winning, immersive language-learning experience comprising a student app, teacher website, and book portfolio.

What is enablinginsights presenting?

Adam Black will present Drowning in data, or swimming in insights? and provide recommendations for how edtech can evolve to give teachers more personal and actionable, data-driven insights into their learners.

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