Are you engineering your edtech to do what it says on the tin?

You owe it to your customers and to your P&L to engineer your edtech to deliver results.

Do you have a clear and market-validated set of customer outcomes you’re designing for and testing against? Are you using learning science to engineer your product for better results? And, are you deriving fast and practical insights from your product data and customer studies to improve your product and guide your investments? All these activities are critical for designing edtech so it delivers customer results.

But before you answer these questions, ask yourself what you expect as a consumer of other services:

Would you expect a taxi driver to set off without asking you where you want to go? Would you want your daughter to buy a new car that isn’t engineered with proven safety features? Would you buy a drug that hadn’t been tested to see if it actually works? If you found the sign-on experience for an online travel agency frustrating, would you return to book your next trip?

I‘m being intentionally provocative. But my point is quite serious. The history of edtech is littered with many more failures than successes. And, in my experience, the root cause is often the samea focus on the product and technology rather than an obsession with the customer and solving their problems.

Let’s face it, the stakes are too high in education not to design your edtech to deliver results for the teachers and students who will buy and use it. Your investments are too great not to customer-validate your vision and spending early and often. Andin most casesyour competition is so entrenched you can’t afford not to offer customers demonstrably better results to win their business.

These are the challenges we love to help clients overcome by providing fast, incisive, and practical suggestions for improvements that drive growth. See the “Six proven ways we can help” on our homepage as an appetizer. And, contact us today with the form provided below for the main course.

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